ULTRAVOX at Bochum Zeche, Germany: May 03, 2010 

What a fantastic night - what a fabulous gig!

Before the gig started Peter and Ruth, members of the Ultravox Community in Germany collected round about 200 Signatures for a petition (one more reason for a "BRILLIANT" come back!!!) from fans attending the gig before the Meet & Greet session started.

The text of this petition was as follows:

"We are and have been overwhelmed by the overall quality, the great setlist, the excellent live performances and the unique Ultravox sound. The Return to Eden DVD/CDs are testimonies to an unforgettable event. Accordingly, our anticipation of additional recorded material from Hamburg and Berlin is high. None of us believes that this is the final end of Ultravox – you're simply too good and young to retire!!!
 And it is plain to see that you have enjoyed this tour as much as we have!!! Therefore, we hope to see you on another tour soon again. Our heartfelt thanks for all the joy and wonderful music you have given to us!"

Ultravox Fanclub Germany: Handing out the signature list to Midge

It seems that Midge is "REALLY" suprised ;-) 

Pictures: Courtesy of Ruth

Thanks to all the fans who signed and supported our statements. 

Review from the Bochum gig:

Pictures from the Bochum gig:


Midge Interview (Video) referring to Bochum and future plans "Deutsche Fans sind sehr loyal":

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